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About Ron

  • Ron Alexander is a publishing journalist, book author and marketing specialist since 1975. He has worked for the McDonald’s Corporation, Subway and Coca Cola. Journalist Ron Alexander has reported on the film, music, restaurant industries, profiling the careers of Diana Ross, Sammy Davis Jr, Grover Washington Jr, and Phyllis Hyman. Author Ron Alexander penned two best-selling books, Cherished Diamond and Don’t Tell Me What To Do. His most important work, however, is serving as the CEO of the Tina Fuller Foundation, an educational charity that helps inner-city youth to achieve academic excellence and to attend college. His career includes writer of memoirs, non-fiction books, speeches, reports, memoirs, press releases and white papers. 

Ron's Writing Roots



  • Writing was a personal choice for Ron Alexander, a decision he made when he was twelve years old. “I couldn’t put together two words without stuttering,” he admits. “I was shy and withdrawn, very afraid of people,” says Ron. “Writing was the only way I could express myself.”  Ron’s other handicap was thick eye glasses. Wearing thick glasses embarrassed him. “I would take off my glasses when talking with girls. I was once hit by a car when I tried crossing a street without wearing my glasses,”  

Ron's Writing Style


  • Although I write about my drug addiction in two non-fiction memoir books--Don’t Tell Me What To Do: A Spiritual Memoir and in Cherished Diamond: A Love Story--the books are not a twelve step book. I have written about my psychological and emotional dependence on anger, resentment and arrogance, and my spiritual resistance to God. I write about the spiritual path I had to walk in order to overcome damaging issues rooted in my childhood, along with conquering my lust for drugs as well," says Ron. Ron Alexander is also a +The GhostWriter. 

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I would like to have the opportunity to address the Opioid crisis affecting big cities and small towns. I am 20-years clean from drugs. I can discuss the difficulties of kicking the Opioid habit and what we should be doing as a country to help those struggling with an addiction that will eventually kill them. Other issues I can address are: Suicide, Violence

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 Each year, we give kids in urban areas Samsung Tablets for learning. Many children do not have access to computers, which hampers their ability to learn and explore the world. Last year, we gave intercity kids 300 Samsung Tablets. Our goal in 2019 is to spread the joy by giving 3000 Samsung Tablets to kids around the county. We need to raise $10,000 to accomplish our goal. Please donate $20.00 today. Your donation will bring joy and smiles to kids around the country. For more information, contact CEO Ron Alexander.


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Ron Alexander is The GhostWriter

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