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Do You Need A Professional GhostWriter? That's Me

Ron Alexander is The GhostWriter.

writing coach I will GhostWrite you a Best-Selling Book

I guarantee you the following. You will:

• Keep 100% of ALL the profits from your book.

• Keep 100% of ALL the royalties 

• Keep 100% of ALL your rights 


Contact me: 267 721 9551

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Need A Speaker? That's Me Too

Ron Alexander is a sought after international speaker.

I am 20-years clean from drugs. I would love to have the opportunity to address the Opioid Crisis affecting big cities and small towns.  I can discuss the difficulties of kicking the Opioid habit and what we should be doing as a country to help those struggling with an addiction that will eventually kill them. Other issues I can address are suicide, violence, mental illness and homelessness.  

Reach me at 267 721 9551 or email me at 

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  • Each year, we give kids in urban areas Samsung Tablets for learning. Many children do not have access to computers, which hampers their ability to learn and explore the world. Last year, we gave intercity kids 300 Samsung Tablets. Our goal in 2018 is to spread the joy by giving 3000 Samsung Tablets to kids around the county. We need to raise $10,000 to accomplish our goal. Please donate $20.00 today. Your donation will bring joy and smiles to kids around the country. For more information, contact CEO Ron Alexander.

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